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If you’re searching Google for “Electrician Albany NY” because you are having electrical problems at your home or business and need the help of a licensed electrician, Lammon Electric LLC can help! For immediate commercial or residential electrical repair services, give us a call today at 518 – 274 – 5100

We Offer All Phases of Commercial and Residential Electrical Contracting Service & Repair to Albany and Troy, New York Residents and Businesses – Fully Licensed Electrician in Albany, Troy, & Delmar, NY.

About Our Licensed Electricians In Albany, NY

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Lammon Electric, LLC is a family owned and operated  licensed electrician in Albany, NY. Our electrical service company offers residential and commercial electrical services, quality work, and affordable prices. When your lighting goes out in your home, call Lammon Electric, LLC today!

Electricity is a potentially dangerous and complicated system in your home or business. So, don’t just trust electrical companies in Troy or Albany, NY. It takes the experience and skills of a licensed Albany electrician to assure the safety of your family and get the job done right the first time. We also provide new construction electrical services

Commerical & Residential Electricians – Electrical Service

As the owner of Lammon Electric, LLC, I have over 30 years of experience and am dedicated to providing affordable and high quality electric service, repair and upgrades. We not only meet, but exceed all national electric code and building code standards.

In today’s economy you want affordable, high quality craftsmanship for your piece of mind. With my 30 years of experience in commercial and residential electrical contracting in Albany, NY, I will personally guarantee you will be satisfied and happy with our service.

Lammon Electric’s licensed commercial electricians in Albany are prepared and trained to provide efficient, prompt and courteous service for all commercial electrical problems. Our van is stays fully stocked so that we get the job done the first time around with no call backs.

Whether you just need a light switch installed, re-wiring of your home, an upgrade of your electrical panel or help with other home electrical problems, rest assured that Lammon Electric, LLC is capable and reliable. We can give you quick estimate and offer competitive pricing.

Serving the Entire Capital District for over 30 years with exceptional electrical repair, replacement, and installation service. No Job Too Small.

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Call us: 518 – 274 – 5100

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View our 5 star reviews on Google from satisfied electrical service customers in Albany, NY. 

5 Star Electrical Service Reviews In Albany NY
Greg was polite and professional from the start when scheduling a visit and coming onsite to investigating the work to be quoted. His pricing was very fair given the work that needed to be done and the quality of service that I expect. His Lammon Electric team arrived onsite on the scheduled work day on time and performed the lighting and outlet work in a very clean and professional manner. I’ll definitely be calling on Lammon Electric when I have another electrical service need at one of my units and recommend him to othersDavid Murrey

Licensed Electrical Contractor Services We Perform In Albany:

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Residential and Commercial Wiring Fully Licensed and Insured
Fuses to circuit breakers Standby Generac Generators
Code Updates Troubleshooting
Under Cabinet Lighting Circuit Breakers Replacement
Security Lighting Transformers
Apartments Remodeling Wiring Contractor
Receptacles Commercial Wiring
Carbon Monoxide Detectors Interior & Exterior Lighting
Recessed Lighting Installation Standby Generators
Generac Generator Service Upgrades Rewiring of Older Homes, Upgrade Wiring
Landscape Lighting Trenching Machine
Commercial Lighting Retrofit Surge Suppressors
Appliance Connections Fan Installation
Underground wiring locating device Conduit
Residential and Commercial Work Electrical Systems Diagnosis
Hot Tubs and Pools – pool electricians Electrical Panel Upgrades
Electric Heat Energy Efficient Lighting
Smoke Detectors Recessed lighting
New Construction Electrical Swimming pools
Exhaust Fans Code Violations Repaired
Lamp Post Switches
Panel & Service Upgrades Electrical Services
Fuses upgraded to Circuit Breakers  

Common Electrical Problems:

Below you are going to find some electrical problems that are most common to happen with a home wiring system throughout the New York. Following each of the electrical problems given, there is an explanation.

Light Bulb & Light Fixture Problems 

Do Your light bulbs burn out on a regular basis?

There could be a number of reasons that your bulbs are blowing out often, depending where all it happens in your home, and if the bulbs you are buying are right for the situation.

Problem with flickering light bulbs?

This could mean that there is a poor connection in your circuit. It could be a main wire connection if it is happening in pretty much all of the home.

Your bulbs have a recessed lighting problems (goes out and comes back on):

It could be its safety cut-off switch which is intended to stop the bulb from over-heating. What it is telling you is that you have put in either the wrong style of bulb or the wattage is incorrect, meaning that the installation and the ceiling space are closer to the lighting than they should be.

Some are dim and some are brighter:

Perhaps you have had a few different electrical appliances that has died recently, or bulbs have been popping. This is only going to become more destructive to the other equipment in the home. Either there is a bad neutral connection in the main circuit board, or it can be a bad neutral, which shares two different circuits.

Problems With Dead Power Outlets

An entire set of outlets went dead or all the lights went dead:

Have you ever re-set a breaker, or GFCI’s? Do you know how to do this? More than likely you have been left with a bad connection somewhere in a circuit.

Maybe only half of a circuit is working, while the other half has been left not working. 

No matter how many years you may have lived in your home, there may be a switch in your walls somewhere that works as an energizer. Another common cause, the usage over a long period of time, this could have caused the cords where you plug things into to get loosened.

Your bathroom outlets may have gone out, as well as your kitchen, outdoor lights, and the garage lights:

Since back in the 1970’s or 1980’s it has been a requirement for the outlets to have a ground wire default interrupter that will kill the electric in these areas (“GFI” or “GFCI”), whenever it senses that you could be shocked because of an electrical issue. It is common for outlets to go dead when a device has been tripped off.

Circuit Breaker Problems – Tripping Breakers

Either an outlet has been tripped off or a circuit breaker has and you cannot reset it:

Do not be tempted to believe it is the breaker or the GFI to blame. It is more than likely protecting (responding) to something that is going on somewhere along the circuit breaker-lines.

Your circuit breaker will often get tripped when a microwave or hair dryer is in use:

When the tripping doesn’t happen right away it could mean that the wattage is too high for the circuit (if they are running in the same circuit as some of the lights). It will be necessary to have a new and separate circuit installed for any heavy-duty items if these overloads cannot be avoided by limiting the use of other items on the same circuit. (See microwave ovens). A lot of hair dryers have a setting for wattage that is low, the use of those may help.

Problems With Electrical Switches 

Your wall switch tends to get warmer than it should:

When you are running 600 watts of bulbs or less, dimming switches normally do this. If you find that there is abnormal heat gathering at a receptacle it means that the connection should get immediate attention.

If two switches are supposed to control only one set of lights, but does not work right all of the time:  

On occasionally, switches are going to go bad, however, this happens most when a switch has been replaced incorrectly.

Switches Aren’t Working Or Don’t Control Anything. 

You may not be the first person to own this home or you might have recently replaced the switch receptacles and perhaps that were disable because they were incorrectly replaced. However, this usually will apply mostly to living rooms and/or bedrooms.

Other Home Electrical Problems:

We have this new dryer, but it will not heat up anymore – the same issue we were having with the old one:

Usually, in cases such as this you will find that there is a bad connection where the dryer is plugged in, or at the circuit breaker. Of course, should you have a fuse box instead of a circuit breaker, the dryer’s fuses may be blown, it has two of them.

The electric bill is outrageous compared to all our other bills:

It could be from the leak in the hot water pipe. If the hot water heater is electric, even the smallest leak can eventually add up to a lot of money. In fact, there are a number of different possibilities for this. 

Can You Implement Electric Service Updates to Commercial Business Locations or Apartment Complexes?

circuit breaker replacement

No commercial electrical contracting project in Albany is too big for Lammon Electric! We work with commercial business locations and apartment complexes all the time performing commercial electrical contracting services including: Commercial Electrical service upgrades, fuses and commercial circuit breaker updates. We also offer electrical service for pools.  

Electric Customers 

  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Property Management
  • Apartments
  • Government
  • Telecommunications
  • Condos
  • New Construction
  • Residential
  • Health Care
  • Churches, House Of Worship
  • Warehouses and Manufacturing

Why should I hire you as my licensed residential electrician?

We are fully insured and licensed electricians and give personal attention to each and every job we perform. Our mission is to provide our customers with top-notch customer service with high quality electrical repairs. We also offer competitive bidding and guarantee the project will be done within the budget we estimate. 

Our residential electrical services in Albany, New York are so affordable because we don’t have a huge overhead, so we can make our prices more manageable than most companies.

What should I look out for when Hiring an Electrical Contractor or Licensed Electrician in Albany, NY?

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  • Hire an electrician or electrical contractor in Albany, NY that is familiar with the type of work you want done
  • Make sure they are licensed and Insured, and know what kinds of contracting permit’s you might need to get started
  • Just because someone might have a lower bid doesn’t mean you are going to save money or that they are going to do good work. Make sure and hire someone that get’s the job done right regardless of the price

I see that your services are Electrical Contracting in Albany, NY but do you also offer services in other areas too?

Yes, we offer electrical contracting services in Albany, Troy, Capital District, Latham, Bethlehem, Delmar, NY, Cohoes, Saratoga, and the surrounding NY areas.

Visit our Google Plus Page for more information Lammon Electric on our Google Business Listing.

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