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Emergency Generator Installation Albany NY

Ice storms, winter snow, damaging winds and severe weather can knock out power to your home in a matter of minutes. Having a standby/emergency generator will ensure that you have electricity in your home even when your neighbors are all still living in the dark. If you would like your electricity to still work during a power outage, give Lammon Electric a call today at (518) 274–5100. We are experts in emergency generator installations, and repair of Generac Generators in Albany NY (also known as emergency generators, or stand by generators). 

Stand By Generators For Home Owners:

A oil, propane, or gas Generac generator will start automatically during a power outage and continue to run until power is restored. There are many different types of generators , depending on the unit you choose, you and your family will still be enjoying air conditioning or heating, lighting, watching TV and accessing cold food and drinks in the fridge. 

Emergency Generators For Business:

For Business Owners in the Albany, NY area: Generac generators help protect your bottom line by offering you a competitive advantage over your competition. While there buisness is at a standstill, your business will be up and running without a second lost. 

Portable Power

Not only do portable Generac generators protect your home and business but also can be used to make tailgating and camping for eventful. Also, these generators make even the most remote DIY project attainable. 

Problems With Your Generac Generator?

Having problems with your current Generac generator? No problem, we offer Generac generator repairs in Albany, NY and the rest of the Capital District area. 

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