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Are you worried about your old home’s fuses or looking to upgrade to a circuit breaker panel?

Don’t let the below situation happen to you!

A panel failure in Federal Pacific/Zinsco panel breakers are supposed to prevent anything above 20 amps of current  from entering the circuit by tripping the breaker first. However, it allowed too much current to pass through creating an access amount of heat, melting the panel to melt.

This excess amount of heat passed through the wires of the home turning the wires into a form of heating element which has the potential to cause fires throughout the home.

Depending on the types of fuses or circuit breakers you have, you should get your local electrician to inspect it immediately to avoid potential safety hazards and fires.

Why should I get my circuit breakers inspected?

Your circuit breakers main function is to transfer your electricity from the main electrical supply to the circuits throughout your home.

Circuits power man of your appliances in your home including: Appliances, lights and electronics. Circuit breakers also protect your circuits from receiving too much current. This also helps protect your appliances and electrical devices from being fried.

It’s very important that circuit breaker is installed properly, maintained and inspected to make sure it doesn’t have any problems that could end up damaging the rest of your electrical system or create fires.

If you have questions about circuit breaker panel installation, repair, replacement or inspection, call our licensed electricians.

Do you need circuit breaker panel repair or installation?

fuses to circuit breaker upgrades troy ny albany ny

You should repair or replace your If you have an older home that uses a fuse box or if your current circuit breaker panel is rusting, has burn marks, if your circuit breakers trip a lot or if your circuit breakers blow when you plug in a hair dryer, vacuum or other appliance that takes a lot of current.

The circuit breaker is the in the main epicenter of your home’s electrical system and must be in working condition at all times.

Circuit breaker replacement isn’t a simple DIY electrical job!

Installing or replacing circuit breaker panels in your business or home is not an easy task and should only be left to a professional electrician.

The electrical supply or your home or office should be turned off before removing or changing any wiring. The circuit breaker box will need to be replaced with a similar model and all of the old breakers need to be matched to the old setup.

This is why it is so important to have a insured and licensed electrician do this for. You don’t want to risk blowing out all your circuits or even worse starting a fire.

Circuit Breaker Panel Maintenance

Home owners should consider circuit breaker maintenance because it ensures that your electrical system is always working at its highest potential and saving you money on repairs and wasted electricity.

If you think there a problem with your circuit breaker panel or your circuits keep tripping, call us asap for an immediate electrical inspection. Waiting for problems to happen can lead to expensive damage or potentially dangerous conditions.

Our goal is to always exceed your expectations and provide the service you deserve!

Lammon Electric is conveniently located in Troy, NY providing service throughout the Albany, NY area including Troy, Capital District, Albany, Rensselaer County and more…

We are a full service Residential and Commercial Electrical Contractor.

Lammon Electric, LLC can replace your circuit breakers for you or upgrade fuses to circuit breakers in your old home. Contact us today to get your circuit breaker panel inspected and we will let you know if it needs replaced or just repaired. Please fill out the contact form or give us a call at (518) 274-5100


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