How To Shut The Power off before The breaker Box
Written by craig braddick

How to Shut the Power Off Before the Breaker Box

The role of the circuit breaker is to stop too much electricity from entering your home. When a circuit breaker is overloaded, the breaker “trips” off automatically. Therefore, it is crucial the correct amperage breaker is being utilized for the right size wire. When a circuit breaker trips, it is indicated there are issues with the electricity flow in the property. Sometimes, you have to shut off the electricity before it enters the box and on occasion, the cause of this are issues with the lines leading into the property. Read on to learn what to do in these circumstances. 

  1. Firstly find the houses main circuit breaker – it may or may not be located near the main breaker box. Older houses often sport a lever situated in a red box, shutting off the electricity in the house before it reached the breaker box, itself. You then push the lever own to shut off the outside source of power. 
  2. Locate the electric meter on the outside of the house. An experienced electrician can assist in stopping power from entering the house by the means of unscrewing the glass dial that measures kilowatts of electricity you utilize in your house. Beneath the dial, there is a switch an experienced electrician can switch off using a screwdriver or wrench. 
  3. The next job is to seek out the main panel breaker in your house. From there you need to trace the power line from the main panel back to the electric meter that should be on an exterior wall of your house. be sure shut off the circuit breakers in the main panel individually, that is to say, one-at-a-time. Once this has been done, then shut off the main circuit breaker. 
  4. You will need a circuit-breaking device to test the breakers on an individual basis. Should the electricity be completely turned off, the ohms needle on the testing device will not move when it touches the wire on the breaker. Then have an experienced electrician once again remove the glass panel of the outside reading meter we mentioned in step #2 and turn off the source of power. Then disconnect the lne that goes to the main panel by means of removing the screws that attach the line to the main panel.