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Common Electrical Problems:

Below you will find various electrical problems that are quite common to happen within the wiring system of a home within New York. After each electrical problem that is given, there will be an explanation.

Light Bulb & Light Fixture Problems 

Do Your light bulbs burn out on a regular basis?

There could be multiple reasons why your bulbs blow often, depending where it happens at your home, and if the bulbs are that you purchase are right for your situation.

Problem with flickering light bulbs?

This may mean that you have poor connection within the circuit. It may be the main wire connection, if it happens all over the home.

Your bulbs have a recessed lighting problems (goes out and comes back on):

It could be the safety cut off switch, which is intended to stop the bulb from overheating. What it is telling you is that you have the wrong style of bulb or the wattage is wrong, which means that the insulation and ceiling space are closer to the lighting than they should be.

Some are dim and some are brighter:

You may have had various electrical appliances that have quit recently, or your bulbs have been popping. This will become more destructive to the other equipment in your home. Either there is a bad neutral or a bad neutral connection in the main circuit board, which shares 2 different circuits.

Problems With Dead Power Outlets

An entire set of outlets went dead or all the lights went dead:

Have you reset your breaker or GFCIs? Do you know how to do that? More than likely, you have a bad connection somewhere in the circuit.

Maybe only half of a circuit is working, while the other half has been left not working. 

It doesn’t matter how many years you have lived in your home, there may be a switch in your wall that works as an energizer. Another cause could be the usage over long periods of time that could have caused the cords where you plug things into to become loose.

Your bathroom outlets may have gone out, as well as your kitchen, outdoor lights, and the garage lights:

Since back in the 1970s or 1980s, it has been a requirement for the outlets to have a ground wire default interrupter that will kill the electric in these areas, whenever it senses that you could be shocked because of the electrical issues. It is common for the outlet to go dead when the device has been tripped.

Circuit Breaker Problems – Tripping Breakers

Either an outlet has been tripped off or a circuit breaker has and you cannot reset it:

Don’t be tempted to believe that it’s the GFI or breaker to blame. Its more than likely responding to something that is happening within the breaker lines.

Your circuit breaker will often get tripped when a microwave or hair dryer is in use:

Whenever the trip doesn’t happen immediately, it could mean that the wattage is too high for the circuit, if everything is on the same circuit. It will be needed to have a separate and new circuit installed for heavy duty items if the overloads can’t be avoided by limiting the use of items on the same circuit. Hair dryers will often have a setting for using low wattage, which may help.

Problems With Electrical Switches 

Your wall switch tends to get warmer than it should:

When you are running 600 watts or less for your bulbs, your dimming switches normally do this. If you find that there is abnormal heat gathering at a receptacle it means that the connection should get immediate attention. Also see electrical wiring problems.

If two switches are supposed to control only one set of lights, but does not work right all of the time:  

On occasion, the switches will go bad, however this normally happens when the switch has been incorrectly replaced.

Switches Aren’t Working Or Don’t Control Anything. 

You may not be the first owner of this home, or you may have recently replaced the switch receptacles and they may have been disabled because they were replaced incorrectly. However, this normally applies to most bedrooms and/or living rooms.

Other Home Electrical Problems:

We have this new dryer, but it will not heat up anymore – the same issue we were having with the old one:

Normally, you may find that there is a bad connection where the dryer is plugged in at, or a bad connection at the circuit breaker. You should have a fuse box instead of a circuit breaker, then the dryer’s fuses may have been blown. It will have 2 of them.

The electric bill is outrageous compared to all our other bills:

It may be from a leak in the hot water pipe. If the hot water heater is electric, even a small leak will add up to a lot of money. There are various possibilities for this.

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